Galaxy S8: How to Enable the Hidden Shortcut to Find Apps

The Galaxy S8 allows the user to add a button to the home screen to perform quick searches for applications and files installed on the phone. The feature works through the Finder, which originally positions itself as a search field on the general apps screen, but can turn into a home icon.

On Samsung's smartphone, the feature is disabled by default - something that can be reversed only by manually adjusting the settings. In the following tutorial, see the step-by-step how to use the Galaxy S8 hidden search button.

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Step 1. Open the general apps screen installed on the Galaxy S8 and access the menu represented by three points. Select the "Finder Settings" option.

Access the Finder settings on the Galaxy S8

Step 2. Turn on the key next to "Add Finder shortcut".

Enable shortcut for Finder

Step 3. Verify that there is a new "Finder" item available in the list of mobile applications. Touch and hold the icon. Drag to the top or bottom sectors to create a shortcut on the home screen.

Take the Finder shortcut to the Galaxy S8 home screen

Step 4. Place the shortcut in the home. At any time, touch the icon to open a search field and start searching for apps, games, and files in your phone's memory. Unlike Google's search, Finder only scans for offline content, which makes it run faster.

Look for apps, games, offline files on the Galaxy S8 with one touch

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