Gboard wins unified search for emoji and GIF; learn how to use

The Gboard has a unified search tool so users can find GIF and emoticons. The feature, initially released for iPhone (iOS), lets you use a single term to find emoticons and related GIFs. The tool is ideal for people who do not want to waste time finding a figure that represents a feeling or that can relax conversations.

The unified search appears in social networking applications (Facebook, Twitter and others) and in messengers, including WhatsApp and Telegram. Check out how to use the new Gboard Search and at the same time find emoticons and GIFs to share with friends.

Tutorial shows how to use unified search by GIF and Gboard emoticons for iPhone

How to create GIF with accelerated movements on Gboard for iPhone

Step 1. Open the Gboard in a messenger and touch the sticker icon with a magnifying glass in the middle of the screen. Then type a term to find emoticons and GIFs.

Option to search for emoticons and GIF on Gboard virtual keyboard

Step 2. For emoticons, just touch the picture so that it is added to the messenger text bar. For GIF it is necessary to touch the image so that it receives the inscription "Copied". Then double-tap the text bar and tap the "Paste" option.

Option to share an emoticon or GIF with unified virtual keyboard search Gboard

Step 3. Tap the blue arrow icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to send the GIF to chat.

Option to send a GIF found through the unified search of the Gboard virtual keyboard

Use the hint to unwind conversations and find funny pictures quickly on the Gboard.

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