Get to know the web version of Winamp, a popular music player in the 2000s

Winamp2-js is the new web version of one of the most popular music players in the years 2000: Winamp. The edition was developed by Jordan Eldredge in JavaScript and offers virtually all the features of the original application. Among them, the change of skins, kind of "covers" that allow to put the app with the user's preferred visual, something quite innovative for the time in the question of personalization.

The music player was discontinued in 2013 by AOL. Two years later, the Belgian company Radionomy announced the purchase of the program, but to date, nothing has been put into practice. Check out step by step how to access and re-use how to use the classic 2000's program.

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Developer has created online version of Winamp

Add a song

Step 1. Access winamp2-js, (//, "new version" of Winamp that works online;

Access the web version of Winamp

Step 2. Click on the icon on the edge of the player and in the menu, go to "Play File ...";

Winamp File

Step 3. Next, select the audio files you want to listen to. Remember that it is necessary to have .mp3 files on your computer. Choose the song and go to "Open". The song will start playing normally;

Choose the track you want to listen to in the Winamp emulator

Create a playlist

Step 4. To add more songs to the one played in the player, click on the "Add" button at the bottom left of the program;

Step 5. In the list that opens, click "Add file";


Step 6. Again, select the file you want. If you want to choose more than one at a time, press the "Ctrl" key and click on the items to add. Then go to "Open";

You can select multiple files to add to the Winamp playlist

Step 7. The songs will play automatically, in sequence. If you want them to play in random order, click on the "Shuffle" button. To listen to the same track repeatedly, just select the option next to it. Indicated by the arrow, are the options to go back to the previous track, to play, pause, stop the play or skip to the next song, respectively;

Click Shuffle to play the songs in random order in Winamp

Step 8. In the orange color bar, you can increase or decrease the sound volume. Already in that one of red color, the user is able to choose which side the audio will leave;

In the highlighted bars, you can adjust the sound in Winamp

Change skin

Step 9. Click the icon on the edge of the player and in the menu that opens, go to the "Skins" option. A list of customization alternatives will automatically open. Choose your favorite;

You can customize Winamp with skins

Here are some of the options offered by winamp2-js:

Skins options available in Winamp2

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