Gmail for Android allows different inboxes; learn how to use

The Gmail app for Android allows users to choose different types of inbox. The denial, which is exclusive to the Google system, is ideal for people who need to change the messages that appear first in the inbox. You can determine, for example, that unread emails appear first, which can help you to leave no messages lost or unanswered.

The feature also allows you to enable the priority inbox so that emails are organized automatically and hierarchically in "Important and unread, " "Starred, " and "All others." Here's how to access and change the type of mailbox entry into your Android account.

Tutorial shows how to use different types of inbox in the Gmail app for Android smartphones and tablets

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Step 1. Open the app and tap the three bars icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Then go to Settings.

Action to access Gmail app settings for Android

Step 2. At this point, select your email address to access your account settings. To proceed, go to "Inbox Type".

Path to access the function that changes the type of Gmail inbox for Android

Step 3. Choose the type of inbox you want to see for it to be applied. Then exit the settings to see what the inbox looks like.

Option to choose the type of inbox in the Gmail app for Android

Ready. If you did not like the result, repeat this procedure to go back to the default inbox or choose another one that is available.

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