God of War: How to configure the accessibility features of the PS4 game

God of War won on April 20, 2018 its newest version for PS4. In this adventure, Kratos and his son Atreus must face new challenges and epic battles against the beings of Norse mythology. During your journey the player will find new characters with innumerable dialogues, different and complex puzzles, however, some players need to make specific modifications in the game to improve their gaming experience. In this article we will teach you how to configure the accessibility features of the game to make your game more epic and enjoyable.

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Step 1. In the initial menu, access the "Settings" option;

Step 2. Go to "Accessibility";

Access settings to reach accessibility features

There are several specific settings for various types of physical limitations

Step 3. Choose the option you want and make any changes you prefer.

Modification features available in the game are:

Pressing the button repeatedly - By changing this feature you can choose to perform certain actions within the game such as opening doors or disengaging from an enemy, for example by pressing the button repeatedly or holding it down. Appeal this interesting so that it has some motor difficulty;

Chisel Doors - Eventually during the game you will need to use a chisel to open certain doors, to use it the standard way of precision is necessary to move the tool on the surface and push the action button when the vibration of the control is stronger, indicating the correct location. In the other alternative the player can choose to only press the ball button to carry out the action;

Run - With this option the player can choose the button used to run: press L3 or holding the X;

Grab stunned - Like the previous option, in this it is also possible to change the button responsible for the action, being able to choose between pressing R3 or ball;

In some clearer scenarios this feature helps improve reading of the caption

Caption Background - For easy viewing of captions available in the game, you can add a light or dark background to enhance the contrast and make it easier to read the dialogs. It is still possible to keep the default setting of leaving no background;

Named captions - By holding the option on, the name of the character you are speaking will be displayed, thus improving the understanding of dialogues for the hearing impaired, for example;

Ambient Camera Swing - Removes or slows camera shake;

This option is only applied in some areas of the game

Menu Expansion - This feature will expand whenever possible some elements in the game menu, such as the Codex, map summary and etc., making it easier to see.

By changing these settings, people with physical, visual and auditory disabilities can make the game more accessible and easy to play. However, other players can also have their experience optimized, making the game more fluid and less tiring in certain aspects.