God of War: How to Defeat the Dragon Hraezlyr in the PS4 Game

God of War of PS4 was released on April 20, 2018 and brought a new interpretation to the story of Kratos, now accompanied by his son, Atreus. The Spartan warrior faces a series of powerful and difficult bosses along his journey, among them the dragon Hraezlyr, a gigantic creature, who attacks fiercely and still has the power to control lightning. It is one of the most intense battles of the adventure, with the right to different parts within the combat. Learn how to defeat him:

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Step 1. Kratos participates without Atreus in this fight, so she is a little more difficult than the others. After saying goodbye to his son, the warrior goes on to battle. Start defending a lot;

God of War: Begin Defending to Defeat the Dragon Hraezlyr

Step 2. Hold the defense when the dragon steps on the ground and avoid shockwave damage - repeat this step when necessary;

God of War: Hold the defense to defeat the dragon Hraezlyr

Step 3. When he remains on the ground, run to attack his fingers. This is the first phase of the battle, always repeat;

God of War: Attack the fingers of the Hraezlyr dragon to defeat him

Step 4. At some point, the dragon will fall. Attack your face without stopping until it rises;

God of War: Attack the face of the dragon Hraezlyr to defeat him

Step 5. Now is the secret of the battle: around the scene there are explosive red balls. The dragon will start attacking with lightning bolts, which activate these explosions. Collect them before he attacks, but the speed has to be fast;

God of War: Collect the red balls to defeat the dragon Hraezlyr

Step 6. Now you have to calculate the time right for this, but throw the red sphere in the direction of the dragon only when it activates the electricity in the body itself. The sphere will explode upon contact;

God of War: The red sphere will explode upon contact with the dragon Hraezlyr

Step 7. The dragon will become more furious, attacking the ground with his puff of lightning. Avoid dodging or just getting away and keep casting explosive spheres;

God of War: Keep casting the red balls to defeat the dragon Hraezlyr

Step 8. Repeat the last two steps until the dragon becomes very weak. Atreus will activate a machine near the battle. Just wait for the scene and press the "ball" button at the end, to win and complete the fight.

God of War: Finish against the dragon Hraezlyr by pressing 'ball'

The entire battle takes little more than 15 minutes and is one of the most intense of the game. Do not forget to always collect the healing green items, which the dragon leaves when it is attacked, so that Kratos does not die.

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