God of War: How to Defeat Magni and Modi, Bosses of the PS4 Game

God of War, the new version already available on PS4, had its release on April 20, 2018. In it we have Kratos and Atreus, who live an adventure in Norse mythology, facing various enemies common to the legends, like some deities.

Among the game's bosses are Magni and Modi, Thor's sons, who challenge the main pair for a fight to the death, about halfway through the campaign. The clash is difficult because they are two bosses at the same time. Check out tips to win easily:

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God of War: How to defeat the boss Svartaljofurr

Step 1. Begin the fight by focusing on Magni with Kratos. He is the "weakest" brother, with blows that can easily be avoided. Atreus will be responsible for occupying Modi;

How to defeat Magni and Modi, bosses of God of War on PS4

Step 2. In this particular fight, hit your bare hands, that is, without using the ax. The blows with Kratos' hands are usually faster and you will need agility to beat both. Remember to dodge whenever he attacks with the sword, because his hit hits twice;

God of War: Beat without using Kratos Ax in PS4 game

Step 3. At a certain point in the fight, Magni will fall, but will not be defeated. Meanwhile, Modi will try to throw lightning powers to deal damage, just move away and wait;

God of War: Stand back and wait to defeat Magni and Modi

Step 4. The perspective of the game will change: Kratos and Atreus will be in the center of the scenario, while Magni and Modi try to attack from the fog. Note the red alert that will appear on the screen, rotating with the analog if necessary, and press the L1 button when one of them attacks;

God of War: Kratos and Atreus stand in the fog in the battle account Magni and Modi

Step 5. Repeat the steps until you beat Magni. He will be defeated and will remain on the ground. To facilitate, use attacks of Atreus rays, which paralyze the opponent for a few seconds;

God of War: To make it easier to fight against Magni and Modi, use the Atreus Lightning Strikes

Step 6. After Magni is defeated, the fight becomes a "walk in the park". Just hit Modi as fast as you can and dodge your attacks until their energy is gone.

God of War: After Magni is defeated, hit Modi with agility

In the end, Modi will flee, but the battle is over. Just go ahead and collect the chisel that is needed to continue the mission of Kratos and Atreus.

God of War: At the end of the battle, Modi will flee

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