God of War: How to make the secret end in the PS4 game

God of War, a new version of the already classic Sony series, came to PS4 with an unprecedented story of Kratos, now with his son, Atreus. Throughout the hours covering the main plot, the game presents you with countless facts that lead to an unexpected conclusion. What many do not notice, however, is that there are two endings: the main and the secret. This second is done after the story ends, while the game frees you to explore the map without any restraint. Learn how to see the true ending, below:

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The secret to seeing the true ending of God of War is to pay attention to what the characters are saying. Some give you tips of what to do from the first conclusion. Follow the steps:

Step 1. At the Dwarven Shop, as soon as you get down from the hill, select the transport gate;

How to make the secret end in the God of War PS4

Step 2. Choose the Casa Mystic Portal, which is on the left side of the general map;

God of War: Select the Mystic House Portal to make the secret end of the PS4 game

Step 3. Enter the portal and run straight into the otherworld scenario and do not stray from the path;

God of War: Do not stray from the road in the PS4 game

Step 4. Enter the second portal, into the other world;

God of War: enter the second portal to make the secret end of the PS4 game

Step 5. Enter the house of Kratos, lie on the character's bed;

God of War: Lie in Kratos' bed to make the secret end of the PS4 game

From there, just wait and see the true ending unfold on the screen.

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