God of War: how to solve the challenge of the illuminated plaques in Alfheim

God of War is a unique PS4 game that continues the famous Kratos saga. This time, Spartano relies on the company of his son Atreus on a journey through Norse mythology. And just as in the other chapters, there are a lot of puzzles to be solved by the way.

One of the main ones is the puzzle of the luminous plates in the world of Alfheim. There, you get one more rare item to equip Kratos and increase his abilities. O teaches you how to solve it, check it out:

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Rare item for Kratos

The concept to solve the challenge is simple: you need to have all the letters of the portal in front of you activated through the adjacent stone tiles. For this, you need to hurl your ax and have the plates come revealing the symbols.

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The tip is to start with the plates from right to left. Below you give the order and the symbols that they must generate in order for the door to open:

Step 1. First plate (from right to left)

First plate

Step 2. Second plate (from right to left)

Second plate

Step 3. Third plate (from right to left)

Third plate

Step 4. Fourth plate (from right to left)

Fourth plate

Finally, advance to the chest and get one more rare item for Kratos.

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