Good morning stickers for WhatsApp: learn how to use on the messenger

Sending message with "boa dia" badge in WhatsApp is possible with the Good Day and Good Night Stickers app, which provides dozens of stickers on the theme to use in the messenger. Stickers are available for Android phones and can be used to greet friends and initiate conversations in application groups, for example. The free tool is useful for those interested in sending personalized messages on the platform.

The package also offers options of images with animals, love themes and animated characters. The service does not offer an iPhone compatible (iOS) version, Apple's smartphone. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to install "good morning" stickers on the Google system to use in WhatsApp.

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Application installs Good Day cards in WhatsApp in a simple way

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Step 1. Install the Good Day and Good Night Stickers app on your phone through the. Open the service and select the "Good Morning" package. Then tap the "Add to WhatsApp" button to add the figurines to the messenger;

Good Day and Good Night App Stickers have several sticker packages for WhatsApp

Step 2. Confirm the action in "Add" in the menu that appears on the screen. All the stickers in the package will be installed immediately upon completion of the installation, a message informs you that the images have been added successfully;

Adding a Good Day sticker pack to use in WhatsApp

Step 3. To access the cards, open a conversation in WhatsApp and tap the emoji icon next to the text field. Then go to the stickers tab and select the "Good Morning" package. Finally, select the desired sticker to send it in the conversation.

Good Day stickers can be used in individual conversations and WhatsApp groups

Ready. Take the hint and send personalized "good morning" messages to your WhatsApp contacts.

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