Google Account: Disconnecting sites and apps from Android

Android allows your users to configure Google services from the mobile phone itself. With the feature, you can check which sites and apps are connected to your Google account and remove them, without needing a computer nearby.

In this tutorial, learn how to manage services with access to your account and prevent your data from being exposed. Although the procedure below has been performed on an Xperia XZ Premium, the following steps are similar on most Android smartphones.

Learn how to disconnect sites and apps from your Google account with Android

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Step 1. Access the settings on your smartphone. Then go to "Google."

First, go to Google services settings

Step 2. On the next screen, select "Connected Apps". Shortly thereafter, the interface will list all sites and applications with access to your Google account.


Step 3. Tapping on some app in the list, you can get more details about the permissions and accesses of the app. In this same screen, it is also possible to disconnect the service from your account by pressing the "Disconnect" button.

Once this is done, the service in question will no longer be allowed to access the data in your account. However, according to Google, there is no guarantee that the information previously obtained will not have been retained by the app or site.

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