Google Datally: how to activate emergency data to save 4G

Datally, Google's mobile data control application on Android, has released a new feature that allows you to save part of the internet package for emergencies. The Urgent Data feature allows you to set a certain amount of megabytes that must be stored in a standby stock to use only when needed. When the option is enabled, the application blocks the use of 3G or 4G ahead of time, leaving the rest of the data to call a Uber race or use WhatsApp by the end of the month, for example.

Following is the procedure reproduced on a Galaxy S8 with Android 8 Oreo shows how to use the novelty in the mobile.

Here's how to create an internet reservation on Android with Google Datally

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Step 1. Open the application Datally. The Emergency Data feature has a shortcut on the home screen. Tap to open, then select "Add balance details."

Turn on Emergency Data on Datally

Step 2. Set in the first field the amount of megabytes or gigabytes that should be separated from the packet to an emergency reserve. Then point the current balance of your data plan. Then go to "Tap to set validity".

Define the reservation and total available data

Step 3. Set a deadline for the reservation if it remains intact. Use the renewal day of your plan, or the date you usually reload credits on the phone. In this way, there will be assurance that an amount of internet will be available for emergencies by then. Review the information and tap "Confirm."

Set a deadline for using Datally data backup

Step 4. If Datally is not yet active, you must run it on the next screen. After you enable the service, the application shows the set amount of reservation and updated package data in real time while you use social networks and other connected apps.

Turn on Datally data control

Step 5. As the data pack nears the end, Datally issues a notification to remind you that you still have an extra amount saved. When gigabytes are out of reserve, the app blocks the 3G or 4G network on the cell unless the user activates the Emergency Data. When this happens, tap the notification to open Datally.

Access Datally when the internet is blocked

Step 6. Touch "Use Urgent Data" to free the mobile internet on the mobile. Use the data in an emergency moment, and then tap "Pause Urgent Data" to relock. Control the use of the reservation manually so you do not run out of the internet until you get a new package.

Use reserve data wisely to save the internet until the end of the month

Via Google

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