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Google announced last Friday (11) a makeover on the My Account page to make it easier to access search history, navigation, and other user activity. The novelty comes from the EU GDPR, which takes effect on May 25 and imposes stricter privacy guidelines on technology companies. This new legislation has triggered a wave of privacy policy changes by both Facebook and Apple, impacting users outside the EU, including Brazil.

The highlight of Google's privacy settings overhaul goes to a feature that allows you to pause the user-by-category collection of data (such as YouTube history, audio capture, etc.) with a click at any time. In addition to existing security tools, improved access to history aims to give people who use services like Gmail, YouTube and Android a greater control over the data that Google writes to their servers.

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Google simplifies data control for users

Pause in data collection

The main novelty of Google is the possibility of preventing the collection of data with the click of a button. On the new Activity Control page (, the user gets a list of all categories of information recorded by the company, such as browsing history, location, YouTube searches, and voice search. Each one has a key that allows you to pause collection quickly.

Google allows you to pause data collection

Remove History

The procedure for viewing or deleting information remains the same as before. Users can access the My Activity page ( to see the complete history recorded in their Google account. The site groups searches, location, voice searches and other data obtained on any device logged in. You can filter by topic, product, or date.

Google continues to allow you to find and delete history by topic, date, or product

Privacy Checkup

Google Privacy Checkup is a test that walks you through the check of your settings and helps keep everything secure. New feature is an option that enables you to enable periodic reminders to perform new checks. To do this, simply go to the checkup page ( and check the footer box.

Activate privacy reminder reminder

Ad Preferences

The ads section ( is more detailed, with easy access to prevent the use of your data for advertising purposes. In addition, Google offers a more complete view of the interesting subjects associated with your account. You can add or remove topics to better control the types of ads displayed on the web. You can also add unwanted themes to prevent banners with inappropriate content.

Review your ad data on Google

Mobile View

Google has reshaped the preview panel for products associated with your Google account. The Google Dashboard page ( shows up with improved look and feel that helps the user better understand active services.

Google makes it easier to view mobile products

Improved data download

The Google data download tool (formerly called Takeout) now offers more export options. You can choose to send content directly to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive, as well as Google Drive. The novelty makes it simpler, for example, to move information from Google's servers to Microsoft.

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