Google Forms: How to submit a form in the body of the email

The online form creator Google Forms evolved over time and gained several new features, including the possibility of embedding in the email. The Google tool allows questionnaires, polls, surveys, and general signup pages to be sent in the body of the message. The function allows the recipient to answer questions directly in the inbox, without having to click on a link to open an external page. Therefore, the trend is to attract more participants and increase the number of responses. Here's how to enable Google's form sharing via email in the following tutorial.

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See how to send Google forms in the body of the email

Step 1. Access Google Forms from your browser. Create a new form from scratch or choose one of the ready-to-edit templates;

Create a new form on Google

Step 2. Add and edit questions using the Google Forms authoring tools;

Create an online form on Google

Step 3. At the end, select "Submit" in the upper right corner to share the form;

Share a Google Form

Step 4. The option to send by email is checked by default. Enter in the first field the e-mails of the recipients;

Select the email sending and enter the address of the recipients

Step 5. Fill in the subject and the main text of the email. Check the "Include form in email" option to embed the questions directly into the body of the message;

Format the email and check the embedding option

Step 6. When you open the email, recipients can reply to the form directly in the inbox. The form embedded in email works on major email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.

Form can be filled in the message body

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