Google launches new Tasks for Gmail; see how to use

Google took advantage of the release of the new Gmail to jointly announce a repackaged version of Google Tasks. The to-do list tool is integrated with the web-based email client, but features a redesigned look based on Material Design, plus new features. The feature is being accessed in a fixed Gmail sidebar to provide a quick way to create simple lists online. For more elaborate annotations, Google recommends Keep. Here's how to use the task list software on your PC.

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Step 1. Google Tasks does not have its own page. To access it, you must use the new Gmail. In the sidebar, Tasks is represented by a blue clock icon with white pointer. You need to click on the icon to open the program in the right pane.

Click the Tasks icon to open the tool inside the new Gmail

Step 2. After the welcome message and click "Getting Started", Tasks shows a basically a button interface to add new items. Select "Add a task" to start your list.

a task "to create new tasks

Step 3. Enter new tasks and click Enter to move to the next line and add more items. The pencil button, which appears by flicking the arrow over the elements, gives you access to editing the main attributes of the item.

Edit a task in Tasks by clicking on the pencil icon

Step 4. In the new window, you can add longer text to detail the task. Another useful function is the addition of related subtasks. Click "Add date" to set a delivery time with reminder.

Add details, subtasks, and end date

Step 5. The subtasks are also listed on the main screen. When you complete each activity, check the items to get them out of the listing. Any action can be undone easily in a notification in the footer.

Complete the tasks and recover them if necessary

Step 6. Open the list menu (the three dots in the upper right corner of Tasks) to rename and delete the entire set of tasks. In "Keyboard shortcuts" Tasks shows all available quick access commands for PC.

Access a Google Tasks shortcut list

Step 7. Finally, click on the name of the list to open the Tasks main menu. Select "Create New List" to create tasks separately. In "Gmail, " you can access the tasks created in the old Google Tasks.

Create new lists and access tasks from the old Tasks

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