Google launches online app to draw 'Paint style'; know how to use Canvas

Google launched this Friday (21) the Canvas, an online application that allows you to make simple drawings in the style of famous Paint, Microsoft. The Chrome-compatible feature uses Progressive Web App (PWA) technology and runs directly from the browser, so you do not have to download and install anything. The tool is useful for those who need to make quick sketches on the computer.

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In the following tutorial, learn how to access and use the new Google drawing app. The procedure was done in the Chrome version for macOS, but the tips are also valid for Windows PCs.

Canvas is the Google drawing app that runs directly from the browser

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Step 1. In Chrome, go to the Canvas website ( and press the "Get Started" button;

Accessing Google's drawing app for the first time

Step 2. The Canvas editor will open. Touch the black dot to select the stroke color of a preset palette. You can choose the color tone in the "custom" tab;

Changing Stroke Color

Step 3. Double-click on the tool you want to use to change the line thickness and opacity of the risk;

Customizing stroke size and opacity

Step 4. A pencil, pen, atomic brush and chalk are available in addition to the eraser. Each tool has a different stroke style;

Each tool has a different stroke

Step 5. Use the arrows at the top of the document to undo and redo edits. If you want to download the image, press the button in the upper right corner and go to "Export drawing". The image will be saved automatically on the PC;

Saving drawing on PC

Step 6. In the upper left corner there is a house icon. It redirects the user to a gallery with all drawings made under the same Google account;

Home icon redirects user to saved cartoon gallery

Step 7. On the drawings gallery page, you can start a new scribble or open a saved image on the PC to draw on it.

Drawings are saved in a gallery

Ready! Take advantage of the tips for creating fast online drawings using the new Google app.

Via Chrome Unboxed

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