Google Maps shows restaurants that work with you; learn how to use

Google Maps brings a chart of possible restaurants that can match the user. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android, the feature lets you find establishments that fit the personal taste of each person. For the system to work, it is necessary to indicate in the gastronomic preferences the preferred culinary specialties.

The tool also allows you to enter which type of food you do not like. In this way, the indications of compatibility in these establishments will not be indicated. The tip is ideal for finding places to eat close to home or during travel, as you can see in the following lines.

Tutorial shows you how to find restaurants that work with you on Google Maps

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Action to set up gastronomic preferences on Google Maps

Step 1. Open the Google Maps app and touch the three bars icon, located in the upper left corner of the screen. Then touch the gear icon to access the settings.

Action to access Google Maps settings via mobile

Step 2. Access "Gastronomic preferences". At this point, the system will offer you options to add your preferred food types and those you do not identify yourself with. Touch the "+" icon in the "Interested" section.

Action to start setting up for gastronomic preferences on Google Maps on mobile

Step 3. Select "Add" and in the next window tap the "+" icon to continue.

Action to open the screen to enter preferred food types in Google Maps

Step 4. Touch the types of food that leave you with mouth watering. To add them to your in-app profile, tap "Save." In the next window, select the "+" icon under "Minor interest."

Action to add unwanted food types to Google Maps on mobile

Step 5. Select the types of food that are not interesting to you and touch "Save".

Action to add food types that a Google Maps user does not like on the phone

How to find restaurants that match your dining preferences

Step 1. Open Google Maps in your current location and tap the "Restaurants" option. Then browse through the list of suggestions and check the compatibility percentage of each establishment. To see more details, touch one of the restaurants.

Action to open up nearby restaurant suggestions on Google Maps

Step 2. To see more details, select "match% with you". Once this is done, Google Maps will show if you've already visited the site and will bring compatibility information.

Action to view information about a restaurant that matches a Google Maps user

Take the hint to quickly find restaurants that prepare dishes that fit with you.

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