Google Photos: how to save photos that were marked on Facebook

You can save tagged Facebook photos to Google Photos automatically via the IFTTT. The application, which automates a series of actions on the smartphone, is able to condition the system or apps installed on the mobile phone to execute certain commands pre-determined by the user. Thus, Google Photos can save an image of the social network whenever the user is marked on it. Check out, step-by-step, how to save tagged Facebook photos from IFTTT on your Android phone or iPhone (iOS).

Learn how to save tagged Facebook photos to Google Photos with IFTTT

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Step 1. Open the IFTTT application. If it is the first access, simply log in with your Facebook or Google account and accept the terms of use by clicking "Continue."

If you are accessing the IFTTT for the first time, register

Step 2. With the app's home screen open, select the last icon from the bottom bar. On the next screen, "My Applets", click the "+" symbol, located at the top right.

Step 3. Click the "This" option to select what will trigger the action you want. Then tap on the search field.

Click on the IFTTT search field

Step 4. Enter "Facebook" to find the social network. Scroll to the next page until you see the item "You're tagged in a photo" and choose the option.

Click on the Facebook icon that appears in the IFTTT

Step 5. Now, to select what the action will be, click on "That". Again, use the search field and search for "Google Photos".

Step 6. Authorize the app to connect with Google Photos by clicking "Connect" and then select the "Upload photos to album" action.

Connect the IFTTT to Google Photos

Step 7. If you have not signed in to IFTTT with your Google account, now is the time to enter your credentials. First, select the account to link to or add a new one, and then tap Allow.

Allow IFTTT to sign in to your Google account

Step 8. On the next page, you can choose which album the application will save the photos to, by clicking the highlighted arrow. Once the selection is complete, touch the "check" icon.

Click on the IFTTT check icon

The new applet has been created, and from now on, any accounts you bookmark on Facebook will be saved to your Google image service account.

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