Google releases new Chrome design on PC; see how to activate

Chrome has a new design in the desktop version. In testing a couple of months ago, the look comes with refurbished elements of Material Design, with more rounded elements in the address bar, adding different shades of gray to the interface, and other tweaks that modernize the look of the browser.

Previously it was only possible to use the reformulated version by downloading the experimental browser Chrome Canary. This time though, the novelty is available in the stable variant of the program, starting with Chrome 68. So you need to make sure your browser is up to date to enable the new design. Here's how to enable it in the following tutorial.

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Tutorial shows you how to turn on new Chrome design

Step 1. In the address bar, enter the path "chrome: // flags / # top-chrome-md" (without quotation marks) and hit Enter;

Visit the hidden Chrome menu

Step 2. In the "UI Layout for the browser's top chrome" option, open the menu next to it and select "Refresh";

Turn on the new Chrome design

Step 3. To enable design, you must restart your browser. So scroll to the end and select the "Relaunch now" option on the bottom bar;

Restart Chrome to apply the change

Step 5. Chrome will then update with the new design turned on.

Chrome displays new design after program reset

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