Google Tool removes personalized advertisement with your data

Google has a tool that allows you to manage what kind of advertisement appears to you. The platform is interesting because it is based on personal data, so it reveals what Google knows about you and your preferences. The advertising management dashboard already existed but now brings options to remove advertising related to certain subjects, websites visited or companies. In addition, the user can know what information influences the display of certain banners, links, and other line items on the Internet.

The tool, it should be remembered, only has an effect on content managed by the Google ad network. It includes advertising on search and on applications and sites that use the monetization platform. See the following tutorial on how to access and adjust the ad settings for your Google account.

How to use Google Lens on mobile

How to retrieve the 'view image' button from Google

Step 1. On your computer or mobile, go to // to open the ads dashboard for your account. You need to sign in to your Google account to access the content. Scroll down the page to access the list of topics that are considered to be interesting to you. The items highlighted at the top are directly related to Internet account activity, such as visiting e-commerce sites. Select one to expand the view;

Access a subject or site that originates ads for you

Step 3. Google shows below why ads related to the site or service are being shown to you. Press "Disable" in the lower right corner of the box to remove the site from your history and prevent the display of advertisements related to the selected subject;

Google explains why the topic is relevant to ads

Step 4. Scroll down to find all topics related to your profile. You can refine the display of ads by excluding other items that you may have already searched for, but are no longer of interest. Check an item and disable.

Remove subjects you do not want to see in ads

Reactivating topics

Step 1. In the footer page, select "What you disabled" to re-enable the topics removed;

Access topics removed from your ads preferences

Step 2. Select the item displayed next and choose "Activate again".

Reactivate ads on a certain topic

Preventing data usage for ads

Step 1. Google also allows you to completely prevent your personal data from being used to personalize online advertising. To do this, go back to the top of the page and turn the key on the first panel, which reads "ad customization";

Click the key to turn off ads based on your data

Step 2. In the window that opens, choose the "Disable" option.

Disable ads that use your data

You will continue to see ads when you use sites and apps that use the Google advertising network, but from now on the content will no longer be based on your personal information or content you are not interested in.

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