Google URL shortener will end: know how to back up the links

The URL Shortener, Google's shortening links service, will be discontinued soon. The tool, which no longer accepts new users, will be completely inaccessible from March 2019. Shortened links will continue to work, but you will not have access to the number of clicks or history.

Fortunately, there's a simple way to back up all the addresses you've shortened with the Google tool. Check out the following tutorial on how to download your URL Shortener links before the service is disabled.

Google will close your URL shortener; see alternatives to URL Shortener will be discontinued; see how to back up

Step 1. Go to the URL Shortener and, if necessary, sign in to your Google account. On the service homepage, click "Download CSV", option located in the right area of ​​the screen;

Downloading backed up links shortened

Step 2. The file, in CSV format, will be automatically saved to your downloads folder. You can open it in Excel or in another similar spreadsheet program;

File downloaded in CSV format contains all links shortened by Google Shortener

Step 3. The table shows the shortened link, the original link, and the creation date. The backup, unfortunately, does not include the number of clicks of the addresses.

Table brings links shortened by service in organized table

Ready. Take the hint to back up and save your shortened links in the URL Shortener before the service is disabled.

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