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Google Shortener, Google's URL shortening service, will be discontinued in March 2019. According to the company's software engineer, Michael Hermanto, the end of support will begin in a few weeks. Anonymous users or those who have never created a reduced link will lose access to the feature as of April 13. Those using the service logged into their Google accounts may continue to shorten and monitor URL performance by March 30, 2019.

From then on, the company's focus will be on Firebase Dynamic Links, intelligent URLs that make it easy for users to transition from one site to their corresponding app. Hermanto informs that, however, web addresses reduced by the platform will continue to redirect to the landing page and will not be migrated to Firebase. Users who are interested in migrating will gain tools to take action.

For anyone feeling helpless with Google's shortening discontinuation, it brings you a list of free link shortening service options.

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Google Shortener will be closed in March 2019

1. is one of the most popular link reduction sites

One of the most popular link reduction tools, allows you to shorten the URL and how to customize it. To have a "" address, simply make a brief registration in the service and check if the term is available for customization. In addition, when creating the account, you can monitor the number of clicks of the address, as well as the Google Shortener. However, for those who only want a smaller address, just paste the original in the bar, click on "Shorten" and copy the result.

2. Is.Gd

Little known, lets you create custom links

Simple to use, Is.Gd offers a number of features without any need for registration. After paste the address in the highlighted bar, the user can click on the discreet arrow with the option "Further options / custom URL". Then the possibility of creating a link with the customized end or with standard format, lowercase letters or lowercase letters forming a word appears. In addition to the short address, an access link is generated for a QR Code and a page to monitor the amount of clicks received.

3. offers a shortcut inside the Hootsuite Deck

The link shortening feature is actually one of the many options offered within the dashboard of Hootsuite, a social networking management tool. Therefore, before using it for the first time, it is necessary to make a brief registration with information about you and your company.

To access the URL reducer, simply click on the "Write message" box at the top, paste the address of the page and click "Shorten". The tool allows you to choose from the following link options:,, and Just like the Google Shortener, you can track the number of clicks the publication receives.

4. Shortener

The Shortcutser is easy to use, but does not generate links as short

The Shortcuts feature a functionality very similar to that offered by the Google tool. Simply enter or paste the link to be reduced in the highlighted bar and click "Shorten URL". Then the miniature option appears on the screen, with a button to copy the address. The service also allows you to track the number of clicks received. The only disadvantage is perhaps that the smaller address is not so small, since the reduction is shortened.

5. Tiny

Tiny transforms links in QR code

Although the interface is slightly less attractive than other sites of the genre, Tiny is easy to use and has the ability to transform the link into QR Code. To use, just paste the address, started by // in the highlighted bar and activate the "Tiny!" Button. Below is the reduced option, the possibility of sharing it through other services and generating a QR code from it.

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