GoPro App: How to Share in Instagram Stories Directly by Application

GoPro App can now share videos directly in Instagram Stories. The feature is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) and came with new features. Among the new tools are the ability to select the video clip and cut images vertically, the latter for now only in the Apple system.

The feature allows the user to capture, edit and send the images to Stories directly from the brand app. Follow the next step by step and start using the feature.

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See how to share in Instagram Stories straight from the GoPro app

Step 1. With the camera connected to the phone, open the app and click the media icon in the lower left corner. Touch the media to select it;

In-app video selection from GoPro

Step 2. Click on the sharing tool. Then tap on the Instagram Stories icon;

Instagram Stories icon in GoPro App

Step 3. Drag the blue borders in the time bar to choose the scene of the video. Click the play button to rotate the clip and check if the snippet is correct. When everything is ready, press "Save" at the top of the screen, and wait for the app to prepare the media;

Selecting the video ceiling that will be shared in Stories by GoPro App

Step 4. Now just tap "Your Story" to share in Instagram Stories or "Send To, " which sends media to friends privately through Instagram Direct.

Video shared in Instagram Stories by GoPro app

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