Granny: how to play the horror game on mobile

Granny is a horror game for mobile phones, available on Android and iOS, capable of giving you fear and chills. The mission is simple: escape from a macabre grandmother while crawling around the house for outings, clues, and puzzle solving. The game uses concepts like stealth and speed. You need to hide from your grandmother, without a trace and be aware of the sounds that unfold around you. Learn how to play:

Granny: how to download the horror game on Android and iOS

All tips are good for Android and iOS. To start the game, follow the steps:

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Step 1. Open the game and tap "Play";

Step 2. Select the difficulty: each has additional facilities or challenges, such as the speed of the grandmother in the most difficult or even the absence of the grandmother in the easiest. Choose the challenge you want;

Select difficulty of the game

Step 3. Tap "Continue" to continue.

How to play

The controls at Granny are very simple. The white sphere on the screen moves your character. To move the camera, simply touch the screen with another finger, anywhere, and modify your view sideways or up and down.

Use the white ball on the lower left side of the screen to move the character

There is also an icon with a person standing, which serves to lower the character. When he plays, he gets down on his knees on the stage and serves to hide from his grandmother more effectively in some moments.

Important: turn up the volume!

Granny should be played with loud volume or at least headphones connected to the phone. It is extremely important if you want to last longer in the games.

Turn up your cellphone volume to have more chances of surviving Granny

All this because of the noise of the scenery. If you hear the grandmother approaching or stepping in a false spot and alerting the enemy, it is always good to have a return of this type of action. Never play dumb.

The central objective: to escape

Grandma patrols the house at all times. The player has five days to escape - if he can not, it's "Game Over". In addition, Grandma increases her speed considerably when she encounters the player or hears her noise.

Granny's Granny gets faster at the noise of the player

The ideal, besides walking around the house, is to find environments to hide or escape faster. Depending on the difficulty, running will not do any good, so always try to stay out of grandma's field of vision.

Find places to hide in Granny

That, of course, not to mention the puzzles you have to solve to deal with the house, to finally escape the nightmare and run away from the place.