Hack in CS: GO: see how to report cheating to Valve

One of the biggest challenges of competitive games like CS: GO is to moderate community behavior within the game. Practices such as toxicity, a common stance in the game, use of cheats or hacks, bug abuse and other similar infractions are extremely harmful to the game and can ruin the experience of other users. To control these infractions, Valve has a player reporting tool that is very simple to use.

Mouse hack: understand the forbidden cheating in games and tournaments of CS: GO

Here's how to report incorrect conduct within the game, whether it be toxic behavior or suspicious activity, such as using illegal aids or hacks.

Step 1. When encountering any illegal conduct, the first step is to open the scoreboard by holding down the "tab" key and locating the player you wish to report. Right-click to enable mouse usage on the table;

Open the scoreboard and find the player who wishes to report on Counter-Strike

Step 2. Left-click the name of the suspicious player and a menu of options will open. Choose the option "denounce", represented by the exclamation mark inside a triangle, like the figure below;

CS: GO: In the example, the first player of the CT team will be denounced

Step 3. A window will be provided where the player can mark the type of conduct violation committed by the defendant. Check the options that fit the infraction that you want to report and click "Accept";

Learn how to report misconduct, such as hacks, on Counter-Strike

Step 4. Then the game will confirm that your report was made and you can check the identification number of the same, which will be written in the lower left corner of the screen, in green.

CS: GO will confirm your complaint after the previous steps

After the complaint, the case will be evaluated by the developers and the community, and later decided on the punishment given to the alleged offender.