Helix Jump: How to play and tips to do well in the game

Helix Jump is a game released for Android and iOS, which puts you in charge of a sphere that falls without stopping, until it finds a platform to stop its fall. The balcony, however, is that the player does not control the sphere itself, in fact, but the scenario, modifying its trajectory. The game is free, but offers "in-game" purchases, ie within the app, to remove ads that do not affect gameplay. Learn how to enjoy and do well in Helix Jump:

Check out seven facts about the game Helix Jump

How to play

Helix Jump commands are extremely basic. In fact, the secret to the success of the game is that it is accessible to any user level, even if its difficulty grows, over time. But basically, it only has one rule: take the ball to the end of the scenario.

How to Play Helix Jump

To do this, the player needs to move the scene by dragging the finger left or right on the screen, passing the ball through the cracks. But be careful, since the sphere can not touch the platforms with different colors, red or orange, for the most part.

Tips to get it right

- The Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTrick

There is a secret in Helix Jump that, if the ball descends several platforms at once, it can pick up speed and destroy any obstacle along the way - and this includes a red or orange platform that would normally end the game with a loss.

Helix Jump Tips

Try to pass the ball through several openings in succession, so that it can obtain speed and destroy obstacles more difficult to transpose. This is a good tip for anyone who is near the end of the stage.

- Finger Positioning

On smaller screen mobiles, it is possible that the player's hand may disrupt the view when playing Helix Jump. However, there is a more interesting position that can remedy this problem.

Helix Jump Tips

Try to play with your finger in the upper right corner of the screen, where it becomes more empty and does not interfere with the direct view of the game plan. So you can move the scenario with more freedom and not risk to prevent a more neat move.

- Take it easy

Do not rush, in Helix Jump there is no evidence against time. Try to move the ball calmly, moving the scenarios rather lightly if you are not sure when to move forward.

Helix Jump Tips

Imagine being near the end of the match and come across a platform that closes your breakthrough and makes you lose all punctuation? Because of this, the main tip is to always take it easy, to try to add more points as it descends.