Hello Stars: How to download and play game for Android and iOS

Hello Stars is a jigsaw puzzle game for Android and iOS, where the goal is to guide a ball to your target using lines drawn with your fingers. Free in the Play Store and App Store, the game has bizarre and funny situations, and is a success in smartphones, with quite creative challenges. Not yet tried? Check out the guide on how to download and play:

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To download the game on Android, access the Play Store from the menu of the device and use the search bar to search for Hello Stars. Click the green "Install" button to download the game, which can be played when the download is finished.

Search for Hello Stars in the Play Store and install the game

Hello Stars is also available for iPhone and iPad. To download it on iOS, just go to the App Store and look for the name of the game. Click the small cloud icon to start the download. Note that you may need to verify your App Store password.

Look for Hello Stars on the App Store and click on the cloud to download the game

Step 1. In Hello Stars, the goal is to hit the character with the little red ball. For this you need to draw on the screen paths or objects to push the ball to the target;

The goal of Hello Stars is to hit the character with the ball

Step 2. Bow-shaped lines (see picture below) are ideal for moving the ball. The less arcuate the stroke, the lighter the movement;

Use dashes to push the ball to its destination in Hello Stars

Step 3. In some situations, simply draw a line to make the ball gently slide through it until the character. Note that whenever the trait is interrupted by some object, it will break;

Find ways to get the ball to the target in the simplest way in Hello Stars

Step 4. As you progress through the Hello Stars levels, the challenges become more and more complicated. For this, you can click the button with a light bulb at the top of the screen, which shows a very simple solution to the problem;

Use the Hello Stars tips icon to help in phases

Step 5. The simpler and more direct your solution, the better your score. Every time you get the maximum number of stars (three), you will earn a good amount of coins from the game;

Make perfect placemats to get more coins in Hello Stars

Step 5. Coins can be used to power your character's stage with new clothes, light and sound equipment, and even dancers. Touching the screen quickly will also increase your score, more or less as in Clicker Heroes;

Spend your coins to power the stage and your Hello Stars character

Step 6. Another interesting use for the coins are themes for the game and new ball models, which give a different face to the Hello Stars;

You can also buy themes and alternative balls in Hello Stars

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