Hiding a notification received on Instagram

Instagram allows you to delete any item from the list of personal notifications quickly and easily. The feature excludes alerts that indicate when someone enjoyed or commented on your posts, tagged you in comments or photos, or started following your profile. The function is useful for organizing the list of notifications or hiding unwanted alerts, but it is worth remembering that only the notification will be deleted. That is, the tasting or comment received will continue to appear on your profile. Check out the following tutorial on how to hide a notification received on Instagram.

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Clearing incoming notifications in Instagram

Step 1. Open the list of notifications by clicking the heart icon on the application's home page. Then, drag the notification that will be deleted to the left. A trash icon appears to the right of the warning.

Access the list of Instagram notifications to delete an item

Step 2. Click the trash icon. The notification will immediately disappear from the list.

Delete unwanted notifications on Instagram

Ready. Take the hint to delete unwanted notifications and organize your Instagram.

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