Hiding phone on Facebook prevents political advertising in WhatsApp; understand

Facebook allows users to register their phone numbers in the platform profile, but this feature can be used to spread unwanted messages on the phone. According to BBC News, candidate campaigns in the 2018 Election used programs capable of capturing numbers registered on the social network to trigger mass messages via WhatsApp.

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There is, however, a way to prevent your information from falling into networks like this. Here's how to prevent your phone from being collected on Facebook for unwanted advertisements from WhatsApp.

Facebook: tips to prevent curious people from looking at your information

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Step 1. Access Facebook and click on your photo to open the profile page;

Access your Facebook profile

Step 2. Next to your photo, go to the "About" tab;

Go to the About menu on your profile

Step 3. In the "Basic and contact information" section, press the "Edit" option next to your phone number;

Edit your phone number information

Step 4. Next to "Remove, " click the icon to change the display state of the phone to "Only I". Then, save the modification.

Change your number display to Only Me

Ready. From there the information will be visible only to you and will be immune to any Facebook data collection software to power political campaigns.

Via BBC Brazil

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