How to activate the Vivo chip

It is possible to activate the Vivo chip with a simple and practical procedure. This way, you can enable your phone line through a single carrier connection. The procedure is ideal for those who are acquiring a new number or want to migrate from carrier without portability.

In this tutorial, TechTudo shows you how to activate the Vivo chip. The procedure can be performed on any cell phone, be it iPhone (iOS), Android or feature phone. Check out the step by step in the following lines.

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Learn how to activate the Vivo chip

Step 1. Buy a Vivo chip of the size (SIM, nano-SIM or micro-SIM) according to the compatibility of your phone. You can get it from an accredited store or from the operator's online store.

Buy your Vivo chip

Step 2. Then insert the SIM card into your mobile phone.

Put the chip on your cell phone

Step 3. Call * 8486 with the Individual Taxpayer's ID (CPF) number and choose the option to speak with the attendant. Then provide the requested information and wait for the activation confirmation.

Call * 8486 to register your number and activate the chip.

Via Vivo

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