How to add the Hope Child theme to your Facebook photo

Facebook allows users to add the 2018 Child Hope theme to their profile picture via their mobile phone. The sticker, created by TV Globo, was developed so that users of the network collaborate with the publicity of the campaign - that collects funds for institutions that work with children and adolescents in need. To apply the filter on your photo, simply access the social networking settings and use the themes platform to set the campaign art on Facebook avatar.

The feature is available to all social network users through the iPhone app (iOS) and Android smartphones. Here's how to apply the Hope Child filter on your Facebook profile picture.

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Tutorial shows how to apply a Hope Child filter on your Facebook profile photo

Step 1. Open Facebook and touch your avatar at the top of the screen. Then touch the profile photo.

Action to open options to edit your Facebook profile photo

Step 2. Choose the "Add theme" option and in the next window tap the search bar.

Action to start the search for the theme of the Child Hope event to use in your photo on Facebook

Step 3. Touch the corresponding theme so that it is applied in preview mode in your photo. Use the options at the bottom of the screen to choose different colors for the same theme. When you're satisfied, tap "Save" to have the modification applied to the profile image.

Action to apply the Hope Child theme in your Facebook profile photo

Criança Esperança is an initiative of TV Globo in partnership with UNESCO. Founded in 1986, the campaign has already raised more than 320 million reais, converted to benefit more than 5 thousand projects that served 4 million adolescents and children throughout Brazil.

In 2018, Globo's programming will feature live entries with the channel's cast and testimonials from representatives of benefited institutions. On Saturday (18), at 22:19 after the soap opera Segundo Sol, the big show of the campaign will happen with presentations by music artists, celebrities and actors of the channel that support the project.

To donate, you can access the campaign website or call the phone numbers to donate 7 reais (0500 2018 007), 20 reais (0500 2018 020) or 40 reais (0500 2018 040).

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