How to add more than one link in Instagram bio

Linktree is a service that allows you to group all the links to your profiles in social networks in a single place. The tool is ideal for adding to biographies on social networks with limited text size - such as Instagram, which allows only 150 characters - and Twitter. Check out the next step, how to register and use Linktree to centralize all your social networks in a single link and add it to your Instagram biography.

What is Instagram Dix?

The procedure was done on the PC, but the tips are also valid for the cell phone. Another option is to use, which allows you to include longer text.

Linktree groups all your social networks into a single link

How to register

Step 1. Go to the Linktree website ( and click on "Sign up with Instagram";

Go to the Linktree website and click on the button indicated

Step 2. Log in to your Instagram account and click "Authrize" to allow the site to access your account on the social network;

Let the service access your Instagram profile

Step 3. Click "Continue with Free" to select the free plan.

The PRO plan costs $ 6 per month ($ 20 in direct conversion) and offers extra features;

Select the free plan to continue

Step 4. Then fill in your full name and email and click "Save details".

Fill in your name and email address

Adding and Managing Links

Step 5. To insert links in Linktree, simply click on "+ add new button / link" and, just below, type the name of the link and paste the URL. You can add several different links in a single profile;

Adding links to Linktree

Step 6. On the right side of each link there is a button that allows you to enable or disable the display of the link. If you want to delete a link, just click on the trash;

Managing your profile links

Step 7. To change the order in which links are displayed, click on the three dots at the left end of the link, and drag up or down. Note that on the right there is a real-time preview of how your page is getting while you are editing;

Changing order of links

Step 8. When you are finished making the desired settings, copy the link to your Instagram profile or another social network. The link on the page appears in the upper right corner of Linktree;

Copy link to your profile on Linktree

How to edit Instagram biography

Step 7. In Instagram, click on the silhouette icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access your profile. Then click "Edit Profile";

Access your Instagram profile

Step 8. Finally, add the link to your Linktree page under "Site" below "Biography" and click "Submit" to save your changes.

Editing Instagram biography

Take advantage of the tips to centralize all your social networks in a single Instagram bio link.

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