How to add photos to PDF documents with Sejda online service

The Sejda online service allows users to add photos to any document in PDF format. With free resources, the site is ideally suited to include logos in professional work, watermarks in business documents, and photographs in resumes, for example. In addition to offering the edited PC file download, the platform allows you to send the PDF to cloud storage sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

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How to convert files to PDF without downloading programs

After you insert an image into the tool, users can also resize and move the object to any area of ​​the document in order to create an overlay. If you want to add a picture to a PDF document without installing anything on your computer, see how to use Sejda. The procedure can be performed on macOS, Windows and Linux.

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Step 1. Access the Sejda service website ( and click on the "All Tools" option;

Access the Sejda online service from your computer

Step 2. Click the "Edit" option to access the PDF document editing tool;

See the tools for editing PDF files in Sejda

Step 3. Next, clicking the "Upload PDF file" button will display a window to explore files from your computer;

Upload a PDF document to the Sejda online service

Step 4. Select the desired PDF document and go to "Open";

Open a PDF document in Sejda online service

Step 5. With the document open on the website, touch the "Images" button and then "+ New Image";

Start uploading an image to be added to a PDF document with the Sejda online service

Step 6. Use the file explorer to select the image you want to insert into the PDF. Then press "Open";

Confirm upload of an image to a PDF document from the Sejda online service

Step 7. The image will open in full size. To resize, hold one of the corners of the picture and move with the mouse to the inside of the photo. Drag it to the location of the document you want to insert;

Action to resize an image inserted in a PDF document using the Sejda online service

Step 8. To save the edits, click on the "Apply changes" button;

Action to apply edits to a PDF document using the Sejda online service

Step 9. You can use the "Download" button to download the edited document to your PC or use the sharing options to send it to a service in the cloud.

Download a PDF document edited by Sejda online service

Ready. Use the hint to insert PDF images without having to install anything on the PC.

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