How to add sound effects to, a music video sharing application, has gained a new feature that allows you to add sound effects to your clips. Noises, which are classified into different categories, can be inserted either in movies without sound or superimposed on the songs chosen. It is possible to turbo the post with steps, animal noises, glass breaking, doors opening, hair dryer, cars, sirens and hundreds of options.

In this tutorial, we teach you how to include these sound effects in Check below.

Check out how to include sound effects in your videos

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Step 1. Record your video normally, as explained in this tutorial prepared by. In the next step, on the Add Effects screen, click on the microphone icon. The recorded movie will appear on a timeline. Touch the pause symbol to position exactly where you want to include the sound.

Click on the microphone icon to access the sound effects option.

Step 2. Once the effect has been entered, touch the "+" symbol. Now, just choose one of several existing categories.

Choose where you want to include the sound effect in your video on

Step 3. Once you have chosen the category, you can hear each of the sounds by clicking on the play symbol. If you find the right one for your video, click add. The sound effect will be marked on the timeline as a red circle, highlighted with an arrow in the image below. If you want, you can insert as many noises as you want in the movie, just select the point where you want to add it and click the "+" again.

Choose the right effect for your video

Step 4. Once you have all the desired effects, click on the "check" icon in the blue box. On the next screen, tap the arrow at the top right.

Complete the process by clicking the check button

Step 5. Now, just include the caption you want for the video and click "Post" to publish your video with sound effects. Just the upload completion message and you're done.

Complete your post in normally

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