How to adjust WhatsApp notifications on Android 8 Oreo

Android 8 Oreo can help get rid of annoying WhatsApp alerts with new detailed notification control. The latest version of Google's mobile system separates warnings by categories, allowing you to release only the most important notifications. The function allows, for example, to block the message "WhatsApp Web is currently active", among other messages that may be unwanted.

The tutorial below shows how to perform the procedure using a Galaxy S8, which brings the feature in the recent version of Android. The steps, however, can be played on other, equally up-to-date phones.

Learn how to remove unwanted notifications from WhatsApp on Android 8

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Step 1. Access your mobile settings and select the "Applications" or "Applications and notifications" option. Look for WhatsApp in the list and tap to open more details about the app.

Access WhatsApp in Android settings

Step 2. Scroll down the screen and touch "Notifications" to see all WhatsApp alert options separated into categories. Avoid changing the setting for "Group notifications" or "Message notifications". Otherwise, you will no longer receive chat prompts.

Access the WhatsApp notification settings

Step 3. Scroll down the screen to access more types of WhatsApp notifications and disable those that you find most annoying. The "History backup" item removes the daily WhatsApp backup notification; and "Other Notifications" disables the WhatsApp Web alert.

Turning off "Sending media, " the messenger stops issuing alert when sharing photos and videos, while disabling "Silent notifications" disables messages that are silenced in the app but insist on appearing on the screen.

Turn off annoying WhatsApp notifications on Android 8

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