How to advertise on Facebook; know how to use the tool

Facebook allows you to create quick ads to promote promotions or products on the social network. The function is geared towards owners and page managers and is available in the web and app version for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android smartphones. The feature offers ready-made templates for different types of advertisements. Just choose a template, define images, post texts, daily budget and a form of payment.

The function is useful for promoting promotions, events and parties, artist launches and services offered by companies. With different options suggested by the social network, users can find the right type of ad in a few steps. Check out how to spread your Facebook actions in the following tutorial.

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Learn how to create ads on Facebook pages by PC and mobile phone

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Procedure by PC

Step 1. Access a page you manage and click the "Promote" button in the options bar on the left side of the screen;

View options for ads on a Facebook page

Step 2. Choose an ad type from the list provided by Facebook. Note that there are ready-made ad templates. In this example, we'll use the "Promote Your Page" option;

Choose the type of ad to be made by Facebook

Step 3. In the "Format" item, click on the "Single Image" button. Then choose whether you want to have a video, multimedia presentation (video with 10 pictures) or an image in the advertisement;

Set one of the options for the Facebook ad format

Step 4. Set the ad audience. You can use the suggested option or edit the scope of the post by redefining city, age, gender, and other data;

Select an audience for Facebook ads

Step 5. Set a daily budget and duration of the advertisement;

Choose budget and duration for a Facebook ad

Step 6. Set up the payment method for Facebook's billing. Remember that you can use a PayPal account;

Add a form of payment to a Facebook ad

Step 7. Finally, click on "Promote" and wait a few minutes until the approval of the social network.

Ad system on Facebook offers various types of promotion

Mobile procedure

Step 1. Open Facebook and touch the three bars icon in the lower right corner of the screen. On Android, the option is in the upper right corner of the screen. Then touch the page you want to create an ad for;

Access a Facebook page for the social network app

Step 2. Click the "Promote" button. Then Facebook will offer ad templates. To check all, touch "View all options";

Opt for a Facebook ad for the mobile app

Step 3. Choose one of the templates. Then go to the "Edit" option;

Start editing a Facebook ad on your mobile phone

Step 4. You can edit links, title and ad text. Return to the previous screen or, if you have edited something, touch "Finish". Then click "Add button";

Set a Facebook ad description by mobile

Step 5. Choose a button type and confirm "Finish". Then select your ad audience. Use the option suggested by the platform or edit the reach of the post by resetting city, age, gender, and other data. Also establish the daily budget for the promotion;

Select your audience and daily budget for a Facebook ad from your phone

Step 6. Set the duration of the ad, whether it will be served to Instagram and the form of payment. One of the alternatives is the PayPay system. To finish, touch the "Promote website" button and wait a few minutes until your approval by Facebook.

Choose duration, placement, and payment method for a Facebook ad from your mobile phone

Ready. Take advantage of the tip and choose an ad form on Facebook to advertise your page or business.

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