How to Ask for a Job Placement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn now allows the user to request the indication of a contact when applying for a position. According to the professional network, having a referral significantly increases the chances of you being called for the interview - and consequently of being hired. Novelty is already available to all users, both in the web version, for PC, and in mobile mobile apps.

Check out the next step in how to use the new LinkedIn nominations feature. On the mobile, the procedure was performed on an iPhone (iOS), but the tips are also valid for Android users.

LinkedIn: Tips Help Find Employment in 2018

Learn to ask for a contact when applying for a job on LinkedIn.

On the pc

Step 1. Log in to your LinkedIn account and click on "Jobs" in the top bar of the page;

Access the job search by clicking the folder icon

Step 2. Now when searching for a job, use the "In your network" filter in "LinkedIn Resources". You can also apply other filters if you wish;

LinkedIn "to access the search filters

Step 3. Open the vacancy for which you want to apply and click on "Request indication";

Requesting Referral from a Friend on LinkedIn

Step 4. If you want, you can customize the message that will be sent to your contact. Finally, click "Submit".

Submitting Referral Request to LinkedIn Contact

On the cellphone

Step 1. Open the LinkedIn app and tap "Jobs" in the bottom bar of the screen. Now, search for the vacancy you want to apply for and tap on it to see the details. It is worth remembering that the filter of vacancies with contacts is available only in the PC;

Find the job you want to apply for

Step 2. If any contact works at the company that announced the vacancy, you will see the "Request indication" button. Tap on it and, if you like, customize the message that will be sent. Finally, touch "Send".

Requesting a contact

Ready. Your friend will receive your message with the link to the job and you can recommend it to the recruiter.

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