How to Ask Uber for the Computer

Uber now lets you order a car from the computer. To do this, simply use the online address of the service, set a destination and ask for a car from the comfort of your home. To run the race, it is necessary to use a Uber account and have the mobile phone, be it iPhone (iOS) or Android, on which the application has been configured. At some point, a confirmation code will be sent via SMS to your smartphone. See, in the following tutorial, how to ask a Uber for the computer.

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Step 1. Access the following link (// and click the "Authorize location access" button;

Action to allow the Uber site to have access to the computer's location

Step 2. To allow use of your location, you must authorize this function in your web browser. At this point, click "Alow" or "Accept";

Action to authorize Uber to access the computer's location through the web browser

Step 3. With the location set, go to "Enter destination here";

Action to start the choice of destination to request a race in Uber by the computer

Step 4. Enter the location you want to go and click on the corresponding result offered by the site;

Action to set a destination when requesting a Uber through the web

Step 5. At this point, the race mode for the venue will be displayed, as well as the race value. Click on the type of car you want and then on "Continue";

Option to choose the category of vehicle in a request of race in Uber realized by the computer

Step 6. Enter the phone number and tap the arrow on the right side of the screen;

Action to add a cell phone number to use Uber via the web

Step 7. Use the three-digit code sent to your mobile phone and click the arrow icon in the lower right corner of the screen;

Action to use a security code to activate Uber through the web

Step 8. Enter the password used in the application and touch the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen;

Action to enter a Uber user password through the web

Step 9. To effect the race request, click on "Confirm".

Action to ask for a race in a Uber car by computer

Ready. Just like in the service app, wait in place until the driver arrives to start the race.

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