How to automatically mute mobile with app for Android and iOS

The IFTTT is an app for Android and iOS that has Applets capable of automating a series of actions very useful in smartphones. Using the premise "If This, Than That", the application allows you to condition the system or even programs installed on the device to execute certain commands when you are in a certain situation. Among them, silence the cell phone when the user arrives at a specific place, avoiding the risk of the device playing in the middle of a work meeting, a test or a film in the cinema. See how easy it is to perform the procedure in the steps below.

Learn to mute your device through the IFTTT app

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Step 1. If you do not already have IFTTT installed, visit Downloads to download the app.

Step 2. For first-time sign-in users, simply sign in with your Facebook or Google credentials and accept the terms of use by clicking "Continue."

If you are accessing the IFTTT for the first time, register

Step 3. With the app's home screen open, click on the last menu icon on the bottom bar. On the next screen, "My Applets", click the "+" symbol, located at the top right.

Step 4. Click the "This" option to select what will trigger the desired action. Then tap "Location".

Step 5. From the options that appear on the screen touch "You enter an area" (in a free translation). Then go to "Connect".

enter an area "

Step 6. On the next screen, touch the map that appears in the center to choose a location. If you prefer, enter the address in the bar indicated by the arrow and wait for the application to find the location. You can make adjustments to the location by dragging the map with your fingers.

Enter the address of the place you want to set in the IFTTT

Step 7. The user can also allow the application to use the place in which it is. To do this, click on "Get current location" at the bottom of the screen. Then give the IFTTT permission to access the device's location and select "Allow".

You can also use the current location in the IFTTT

Step 8. Once the location adjustment is complete, touch the "Check" icon at the top right of the screen. Then, complete this part of the process by clicking on a new "Check" icon.

Click the check icon in the IFTTT

Step 9. Now, to select what the action will be, click on "That". From the options that appear, select "Android Device".

Device "in the IFTTT

Step 10. First, choose the action that will be performed in the already pre-determined location by clicking on "Mute ringtone". Then go to "Connect".

Choose the action you want to perform on the IFTTT

Step 11. Next, you need to decide if you want the phone to vibrate or not in the defined area. Select "Yes" for yes and "No" if you do not wish to. Complete the selection by touching the "Check" icon.

Set in the IFTTT if you want the phone to vibrate

Step 12. Now, just finish the process by clicking "Finish". However, for the action to work, it is necessary to allow IFTTT access to the "Do Not Disturb" function of the system. So go to "Open settings".

Step 13. The IFTTT key will be disabled by default. Click on it to activate. In the box that opens, select the "Allow" option.

Allow the IFTTT to access the system

Step 14. Okay, now that the app has access to the Do Not Disturb setting and the action is properly set up via the IFTTT, your smartphone will no longer play wherever you choose.

Okay, now the action is configured on the IFTTT

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