How to avoid programs that install themselves on your computer

Unchecky is a free Windows tool that monitors the installation of programs on your PC. In this way, it prevents optional applications from being installed next to the downloaded program. The software also prevents the insertion of toolbar, search engines, browser extensions and even that your homepage is changed. The program is compatible with Windows XP and newer versions of the system.

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Check out the next step in how to install, configure and use Unchecky on your computer.

Learn how to use Unchecky to prevent unnecessary applications from installing on your PC

How to install

Step 1. Access the Unchecky download page and download the tool. Run the downloaded file, select the preferred language and click "Install";

Unchecky installation splash screen

Step 2. A Windows UAC alert message will be displayed. Click "Yes" to allow Unchecky to make the necessary modifications to the computer;

UAC confirmation message

Step 3. Now just wait. Finally, go to "Finish" to finish the Unchecky installation wizard.

Finish the Unchecky installation

How to use

Step 1. After installing Unchecky you do not need to do anything else. The tool remains active in the background and will now monitor all programs to be installed on the PC. To open the program, double-click on the icon to the left of the clock;

Click on the program icon to open

Step 2. In the main screen of Unchecky, the user can find out if the tool is working and see some statistics about the number of programs barred. To view the detailed report, select "Activity Log";

Unchecky main window

Step 3. In the settings, you can change the language, disable the notification area icon (to the left of the Windows clock) and usage tips. You can also add exceptions to Unchecky monitoring by clicking "Add ...". After making any changes, remember to go under "Apply" to save.

Unchecky Settings

Ready! Take advantage of the tips for using Unchecky and avoid installing optional programs on your computer.

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