How to back up and migrate Google Drive to OneDrive, Dropbox or Box

Google offers a simple way to back up your Drive to other cloud storage options. Through the company's data download tool, you can transfer items saved in the online platform to alternatives such as OneDrive, Dropbox and Box. This feature prevents you from downloading documents, pictures and folders to your computer before uploading to another site, which speeds up the migration process. Here's how to move Google files to rival services.

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Tutorial teaches you how to migrate between cloud storage services

Step 1. Go to the My Account page ( in the browser and sign in to your Google account. Then select the "Control your content" option in the "Personal information and privacy" section;

Access the content control of your Google account

Step 2. Select "Create File" to access the company data download tool;

Visit the Google content download tool

Step 3. By default, Google marks all products for backup. Click the "Do not select none" button to uncheck all, and then turn on only the key next to the Drive;

Turn backup on Google Drive only

Step 4. You can back up all Drive folders or select only a few directories. Google also lets you choose the formats in which the files will be exported. Make sure that Office and JPEG formats (for images) are selected to ensure compatibility in other services;

Select folders and file formats

Step 5. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and press "Next";

Go to the footer to advance

Step 6. In the "Display Method" option, select one of the available cloud storage services;

Select a cloud to transfer your Drive files

Step 7. Proceed to "Link account and create file";

Move to connect drive to chosen cloud

Step 8. Log in to your selected service account, such as OneDrive, Dropbox and Box;

Sign in to the selected service

Step 9. Finally, grant Google permission to access the service to transfer your files from one cloud to another. Then you just wait for the Drive backup to finish and the direct transfer to the selected storage platform, without the user's computer.

Let Google create a Drive files folder in another service

After data migration you can choose to either clean Drive to reuse Google's free space or keep the original files to keep the second cloud only as a backup.

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