How to block applications and channels with password on Sony Bravia smart TV

Sony Bravia smart TVs feature a lock feature that allows you to set a password to prevent children from accessing applications and channels with improper programming. The code is disabled by default, but can be enabled in the device settings. By using the function, you can choose the age of the indicative rating filter, as well as block internet access on YouTube, Netflix, and other programs.

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Here's how to access your TV preferences and create a four-digit PIN to gain access control for unauthorized people to certain content.

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Sony Bravia TVs have password blocking of apps and channels

Step 1. Press the "Home" button on the remote control to access the TV's quick menu. Then navigate to the "Settings" function and select the "Preferences" option;

Access the Sony Bravia TV settings

Step 2. In the side menu, access the option "Lock control";

Access the Sony Bravia TV lock menu

Step 3. Select "Password" to configure the code;

Set up a password on Sony Bravia TV

Step 4. Use the numeric keypad on the remote control to create a four-digit PIN;

Create a four-digit password on Sony Bravia TV

Step 5. Enter the sequence again to confirm;

Confirm your password on Sony Bravia TV

Step 6. Back to the "Lock Control" menu, click on "Indicative Ranking" to determine the minimum age allowed to watch content without entering the password;

Set the programming lock on the Sony Bravia TV

Step 7. Under "Internet Blocking, " select "Blocked" to allow access to apps and the integrated browser only by typing the password.

Turn on internet lock on Sony Bravia TV

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