How to block certain people from viewing your Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories feature is incredibly popular, and because of that, it is widely used. The problem is that unless you have a private Instagram account, anyone can follow you and see your images posted in the feed as well as temporary stories. Fortunately, you can prevent some followers from seeing Stories photos and videos, without having to turn your public account into a private one. To do this, see in this tutorial how to prevent certain people from seeing your Instagram Stories.

Instagram beta test function archive that hides photos in profile

Here's how to prevent certain people from seeing your Instagram Stories

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Step 1. Open the Instagram app;

Step 2. On the app home screen, touch the profile tab. Already on your profile screen, touch the gear icon to access the settings;

Accessing the Instagram account profile and configuration

Step 3. On the next screen, touch "Story Settings". Then touch the "Hide stories from" option;

Entering the Stories feature settings

Step 4. A screen with a list of all your followers will be displayed. Touch the circle behind the follower that you do not want to see your stories to activate the lock. Repeat the process so all followers want to block and, at the end, tap "Finish".

Marking the user who should not see your Stories

Once the change is made, all the marked users are unable to see your stories and you can continue to publish quietly. Use the feature to increase your privacy!

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