How to block comments from specific people on Instagram

Instagram now lets you block comments from specific people on photos and videos posted to the social network, instead of turning the feature off completely. That way, you do not have to block someone to avoid inconvenient texts in your posts. By doing so, new comments from this user will not be visible to anyone other than himself. This feature is available for both public and private profiles in Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile apps.

In addition, you can limit that only one group comments on the posts, from followers and people you follow, hiding the content of other users. Here's how to do this in this tutorial.

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How to block Instagram user comments from mobile

Step 1. Open Instagram on your phone and select the "Profile" button at the bottom of the screen. Then touch the menu icon at the top right. In the settings tap on "Comments";

Select the comments menu in Instagram

Step 2. The user who has a public profile can avoid inconvenient comments from strangers. To do this, select "Allow comments from". Then choose between:

  • "Everyone" (any Instagram user)
  • "People you follow and people who follow you"
  • "People you follow"
  • "His followers"

That way, all the people outside this list will have their new comments hidden, meaning only she will see and no other users. Changes are automatically saved and are valid for Instagram timeline posts;

Allow comments only from followers or your friends

Step 3. In private and public profiles the user can block specific people to prevent them from commenting on their posts. So, this comment will be hidden and no other friend of yours will see the content. To do so, in the same "Comments" menu select "Block comments from". Click the "Search" field at the top of the screen, and enter the user name. Confirm in "Lock";

Block comments from specific profiles in Instagram

Step 4. If you have regretted the wrong profile, select the "Unlock" button on the same screen and confirm "Unlock".

Unblock comments from a specific person on Instagram

Remember that Instagram Stories has its own privacy settings that can be managed by the phone.

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