How to book a beauty salon or barber shop through Google Maps

The Google Maps and Google Assistant services allow users to book calls at beauty salons or barbershops. The feature is ideal for people with no time or who prefer convenience to schedule services over the internet. In Google Assistant, available for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, the feature is released for all users, the same goes for the web version of Maps. Soon, the map application will also feature the function.

In both services, users can define dates and times of service without having to call or go to the place. Everything is done by the computer, by a smartphone or tablet. In addition to reserving a schedule, the tool allows you to define services and even choose which salon employee will perform the care. A confirmation of the reservation is sent to the registered e-mail and through this message, you can edit the reservation and cancel the order.

To learn how to schedule beauty salons and barbershops using Google Maps or Google Assistant on your mobile phone, check out the tutorial we have prepared.

Tutorial shows how to schedule appointments at beauty salons and barbershops using Google Maps or Google Assistant

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On the cellphone

Step 1. Open Google Assistant and search for a hair salon, barber shop or spa in your city. Then, next to the description of the desired location, touch "Calendar".

Action to open the online booking option for a hair salon by Google Assistant

Step 2. Choose the services available for booking and touch the "More" option to see all available times. Tap one of the times to proceed.

Action to choose a time to book an online hairdresser with Google Assistant

Step 3. At this point, touch the "Add personal data" option. In the next window, confirm your name, phone number, and email address and tap the arrow button on your mobile's virtual keyboard.

Action to add personal data to a hairdresser reservation created by Google Assistant

Step 4. Touch the "Update information" option. Confirm the request and your personal data in the "Reserve" button.

Action to confirm personal data in a beauty salon booking created by Google Assistant

Step 5. A confirmed reservation alert will be displayed on the screen. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Confirmation screen of a beauty salon reservation held through Google Assistant

In Google Maps via the web

Step 1. Open Google Maps in your PC's web browser and search for beauty salons or barbershops.

Action to search beauty salons and barber shops through Google Maps

Step 2. Click on one of the found locations to see if it has the option to schedule online.

Action to open details of a beauty salon by Google Maps

Step 3. To proceed to online booking details, click the "View schedule and reserve" button.

Action to see details for an online booking in a beauty salon through Google Maps

Step 4. Choose the date of reservation and click "Time". To proceed, touch one of the free in-place call times.

Action to set date and time for an online reservation in a beauty salon by Google Maps

Step 5. Set the service you want to receive at the beauty salon. You can also choose which employee you want to be served. Then choose one of the available times in the time period of the day you chose earlier.

Action to define a service, preferred employee and time of a salon booking with Google Maps

Step 6. Confirm your details and click "Reserve" to guarantee your on-site service.

Action to book service in a beauty parlor through Google Maps

Cancel or modify reservations

Step 1. Open the booking confirmation email in your email inbox. In the body of the message, choose whether you want to modify the schedule to change dates or times of your reservation. For this example, we'll show you using the "Cancel Scheduling" option.

Action to initiate the cancellation of a beauty salon booking through Google Assistant or Google Maps

Step 2. Click the "Yes" button to confirm that you want to cancel the reservation.

Action to cancel a beauty salon booking by Google Assistant or Google Maps

Take advantage of the tip and book appointments in salons and barbershops by cell phone or computer.

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