How to boot the Acer notebook

Knowing how to boot the Acer notebook can be useful in emergencies, such as to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows or start the operating system repair tools. On the manufacturer's laptops, the boot menu is disabled by default for security reasons. However, the user can easily activate it in the BIOS settings.

In the following tutorial, check out how to boot your computer using a CD or thumb drive. The step-by-step was carried out on an Acer Aspire ES1-431, but the tips are also valid for other models of the brand.

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How to boot the Acer notebook

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Step 1. Access the computer's BIOS. To do this, in the case of the Acer notebook, simply press the "F2" key during system startup;

Access the Acer notebook BIOS

Step 2. Access the "Main" tab, select "F12 Boot Menu" and press "Enter." Use the directional keys on your keyboard to navigate between menus and BIOS items;

Activating boot menu

Step 3. In the menu that appears, select "Enabled" and press "Enter";

Activating boot menu

Step 4. Now, save the changes. To do this, go to the "Exit" tab, select "Exit Saving Changes" and press "Enter";

Save changes made

Step 5. When the notebook restarts, press the "F12" key to access the boot menu. Finally, just select the device (pen drive or CD) that you want to boot and press "Enter."

Acer notebook boot menu

Ready! It is important to remember that the latest Acer notebooks with UEFI support are compatible only with 64-bit systems.

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