How to calculate Enem's score according to TRI? Simulator helps to discover

To simulate the Enem 2018 grade, participants can go to the ProEnem pre-college course website. The online simulator allows you to find an estimate of your Enem result according to TRI. The tool can help in the decision-making process on Sisu by assessing which college you would most likely be approved for. The user must have the test book with the answers marked in the template.

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The calculation of TRI is done according to the correction methodology used by Inep. As the simulation is based on the unofficial correction of the exam, the final result may be slightly different. In the following tutorial, check out how to register and use the ProEnem Notes Simulator.

Learn how to use the Eenm results simulator

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Step 1. Go to the ProEnem website ( and press the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the screen. Now, fill in your personal information and select "Register". If you prefer, you can quickly sign up for "Access via Facebook";

Register to use the tool

Step 2. Next, choose the color of your proof;

Select your test color

Step 3. On the next screen, select the language you chose for the foreign language questions;

Choose the language of your test

Step 4. Roll the page and fill in your answers in the template;

Fill in your feedback

Step 5. Returning to the top of the page, you can see the summary panel of your answers, with the green hits and the red errors. Just below the hits by area of ​​knowledge you can check the estimated TRI score.

Viewing your performance on the test

Ready! It is worth remembering that the estimate is based on the unofficial feedback from the Enem test. The final result released by INEP may be different.

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