How to cancel and change subscription payments on Google Play

Android users can manage apps and services subscriptions directly through the Google Play app on their mobile device. If the developer uses the Google solution, just use the smartphone store to cancel or change the means of payment. This feature prevents you from visiting the developer's website to change signature data.

Please note that not all apps support simplified subscription management via Google. Here's how to cancel or change your subscription payment on your Android smartphone.

Managing app signatures in the Play Store right from your mobile is easy and convenient

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Step 1. Open the Google Play app on your Android phone and go to the side menu. Touch "Signatures."

Visit the subscription menu on Google Play

Step 2. The app will list all enabled signatures through Google Play. At first it is possible to see the expiration date of the service and the price. Tap for more details.

Access subscription details on Google Play

Step 3. Google Play accepts the definition of two payment methods to pay for the subscription. If the parent method fails, a second attempt again occurs automatically to prevent the service from being canceled. Touch "Refresh" to change the primary form of payment and "Configure" to add a secondary form.

Google Play allows you to sign up using American Express, Elo, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards, as well as a Pago Mercado balance, gift cards and promotional codes.

Add and change forms of payments for subscriptions on Google Play

Step 4. Tap "Unsubscribe" to prevent new charges on your credit card or other forms of payment you've registered with Google Play. By default, the contracted service stays active until the day of billing, even if the debt is scheduled to no longer occur.

Cancel signed service via Google Play at any time

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