How to cancel and delete the PicPay account

PicPay is a free application that allows you to make payments over the phone. In addition to the digital wallet function, the app has gained popularity due to the promise to send money to the user through referral codes. If the service was not what you expected, be aware that you can cancel your PicPay account to stop using the platform and not receive further notifications.

It is worth mentioning that the procedure can be reversed later via e-mail. See, in the following tutorial, how to disable your PicPay account. Step by step can be done on Android and iPhone (iOS).

How PicPay works: See how to use and register a credit card

How PicPay works: Learn how to use and register a credit card

Step 1. Open the PicPay app and go to the side menu, symbolized by three dashes. Then look for the "Settings" option.

Step 2. Slide the screen to the end and tap "Deactivate my account".

my PicPay account "

Step 3. The app asks if you are sure that you want to disable your profile and that only one account per CPF can be created. If you want to reactivate it, you must contact the company via email. If you are sure you want to delete, click "Disable Account".

Confirm your choice to deactivate the PicPay account

Step 4. Finally, a message will appear asking if you confirm the cancellation of the profile. Select "Disable Account" to proceed.

PicPay asks if you are sure

Step 5. You must enter your password to complete the action. Finally, the message "Account disabled" will appear. Now, just click "Ok" and delete the app from your phone.

Enter your password and wait for PicPay confirmation

While stating that it is not possible to reactivate the service without contacting via email - since it is only allowed to register a CPF on account - PicPay's advice states that cancellation excludes all user data from the system. According to the company, the application follows all information security practices.

The company further explains that the biggest reason for account deletion is the lack of interest in using the service on the part of the user.

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