How to cancel a purchase in the Free Market

The Free Market, like other sales sites, allows you to cancel a purchase, be it for repentance, defect or other justifications. The process is done within the site itself or mobile application and allows you to receive the payment back. However, some rules are established by the service itself, with the aim of avoiding problems and confusion. See in the next step how to make a cancellation in the Free Market.

How to advertise in Free Market

Free Market, site of purchase and sales, has option of cancellation

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What establishes the Free Market?

The most indicated cancellation method is when the purchase was made with payment via Mercado Pago, the "sister" tool of Mercado Livre. So, the whole procedure is done online, without leaving the site and with minimal headaches. All due to the "Guaranteed Purchase Program", established by the platform.

The Guaranteed Purchase determines that users who pay a purchase with Mercado Pago have the right to reimburse the full amount, in case of lost product, different from the advertised or with some defect - therefore, the main tip is to respect these parameters.

Simple cancellation or in case of product not received

Step 1. Within the free market, access your account and go to "Purchases";

How to Cancel Free Market Purchase

Step 2. Choose the purchase you want to cancel and click on the "three dots" that appear in the corner;

How to Cancel Free Market Purchase

Step 3. Click on "I have a problem";

How to Cancel Free Market Purchase

Step 4. Then choose your problem, which may be payment or with the product - in this case we use "Product";

How to Cancel Free Market Purchase

Step 5. Soon after, select between "I received the product with a problem" or "I want to cancel the purchase";

How to Cancel Free Market Purchase

Step 6. Choose the option that most fits your case, enter swap or receive, and then click "Start Complaint."

How to Cancel Free Market Purchase

The claim will be mediated by the Free Market, but you will have the opportunity to combine the exchange or return with the seller. If the conversation does not reach an agreement, Mercado Livre will take action, based on its prerequisites.

These are the deadlines for the most common complaints established by the platform:

  • 60 calendar days to start a claim, counting from the approval of the payment;
  • 10 days counted from the identification of the payment for products not yet sent;
  • 10 days from the receipt of the product, in case of repentance;

In the latter case of the list, the cancellation procedure is the same, but the cancel button will be the "I regret purchase" contained in the same field as Step 3 of the tutorial above.

Finally, in case of return of defective product, it is necessary to return the purchase to the seller with all the components that came in the original box, packed and following the procedure provided within the Free Market - which varies in each case.

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